DJ/Producer Justin “3xpo” Schliep mirrors the moniker with a vision to imitate and inspire life through music. Heavily influenced by his father, a proficient pianist and performing artist, 3xpo was no stranger to stages and recording studios as a child. By age12, this budding beat-smith learned how to chop, loop, and edit samples under mentor Engineer/Producer Rich Hartline. Inspired by how turntables were being used as percussive instruments through scratching and mixing 3xpo saved up and invested in his first set of tables and a mixer. Shortly after he found himself with a voracious appetite for vinyl, diggin everything from dusty classics cuts to break beats. DJing various local events and promoting shows helped 3xpo gain traction as a respected artist locally.

A twist of fate took 3xpo away from his home in South Jersey to Nashville where he produced and wrote music for a non-profit for 2 years before landing in Philly and reprioritizing his art and creative control. Initially focused on bass music it was ultimately trap record “WonkaVizion” that was the catalyst for countless creative working relationships within his local Hip Hop community. 3xpo continued to draw from an expansive genre blending pool in an effort to create next level beats with an unparalleled complexity. An imaginative amalgamation of dance music, soulful samples, boom bap and trap emerged fostering 3xpo’s sonic fingerprint on the scene.

On a fast track to branding himself as a prolific and inventive producer, 3xpo’s resume already boasts the likes of Bianca Ryan (Americas Got Talent), Greg Porn and Modesty (The Roots), Mike Jerz, Skrewtape, Ren Thomas (VH1 Signed), Mad Squablz (Team Backpack), OT The Real, and Mr. Green. He recently released 'Smoke Sessions Vol. 2', a hip-hop album he crafted with his Sensi-Starr team on which he served as executive producer. With several projects in the works, including a solo instrumental EP, it’s safe to say Expo ain’t goin nowhere but up.